Geese Baby Slides

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My Happy Soles Makes the Perfect Footwear for Babies & Toddlers! They are adorable, super comfortable, and will make play time even more fun.  

Size Guide: 

What Sizing is our footwear? 
My happy soles footwear is in US sizing. 
How Do You Choose The Right Size?  
To choose the correct size, it's best to measure foot length. 
How Do You Measure The Foot Length?

  • Use a ruler or measuring tape to measure from heel to toe. 
  • Add at least 0.5in to the length; For example if the length is 3.5in add 0.5in: 3.5in + 0.5in = 4in (US size 3)
  • If possible, it is always best measure feet while your child is standing. 
  • Have your child stand on a blank piece of paper and mark at the toe and the heal and measure.